This 2400sq.ft. Luxury apartment needed many structural changes including elimination of walls, addition of electrical wiring and customized kitchen and bathroom details. The contemporary design of this home is eye pleasing. The furniture and furnishings were customized according to the client's taste. The highlight of this project is the low-to-the-floor seating design for the entertainment room.

Used by a company to impress its visiting clients, this location has a warm look throughout. The space features dropped ceilings, indirect and recessed lighting to create mood.

In this home, the black and white color combination in the living room and dining gives good contrast. Contemporary light fixtures gives a modern look to the interiors.

Model home is shown to prospective home buyers, so it is even more important to pay close attention to details. This small space is thoughtfully laid out to make it appear spacious with proper use and placement of furniture and mirrors.

This office space has a contemporary look, starting from the waiting lounge all through to the office cabins. Simplicity and straight line design, along with minimalism is the driving force behind this project.

All furniture was custom designed and built on location by skilled workers. Shades of orange in furnishings gives a vibrant color palette.

This two-level home has enough open space to create a kid-friendly environment. Interiors designed in gray palette. Features include custom glass doors for wardrobe and Crate & Barrel sofa set.

Office space designed for twenty employees. Features collaborative space as well as private office cabins. Functional design is balanced with aesthetic design using concave glass brick wall.